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Rental Form

 We at Northwest Sports Hub (NWSH) are pleased to offer our flexible sports and event space for rental. Our rates are very competitive within the industry, and we believe our facility offers the most unique event venue because of our 60,000 sf. open main floor space, with 70 ft. high ceiling, and second floor mezzanine seating.
We reserve the right to negotiate facility rentals and terms of rent, such as standard rates plus reimbursable expenses, all-inclusive flat fees, or percentages of event revenues, above and below industry standards. Our goal is to provide flexibility in the structure of rent necessary to successfully host a wide variety of events.
NWSH considers the following when evaluating event rental requests:
- The economic impact on the community.
- The amount of hotel rooms sold as a result of the event.
- The development of repeat business.
- The reputation of the NWSH as a venue for quality event programming.
- The ability of the promoter/presenter to successfully finance & produce events.
- The risk and liability for the NWSH and public.
- The income potential from the event.
NWSH does require that event promoters/presenters seeking to book events at our facility must be able to demonstrate professional knowledge of the event they are wishing to hold and the capacity to:
- Successfully produce the event in a manner that satisfies all contractual obligations.
- Demonstrate experience using facilities similar to the NWSH with space regulations, crowd control, & public assembly procedures.
- Produce and manage an appropriate event budget.
- Plan and implement a successful event marketing campaign.
- Maintain financial solvency and abide by rental payment schedule.
- Ensure the safety of the public as well as the facilities and its staff.
First time prospective clients need to complete a rental application which includes details of the proposed event and business history of the promoter/presenter. Submittal of a rental application does not guarantee that the event will be booked or dates held.