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General Terms - Policies - Conditions

The following are the general terms, policies, and conditions used when booking events at the Northwest Sports Hub.
Rental Term: Per day rates are normally defined for events between 8am and midnight, however, all hours around the clock can be used for events if needed.
Insurance: Renter is responsible for all proper insurance coverage, licenses, permits, taxes, and fees. We require proof of insurance with a $1 million / $2 million General Liability policy for all facility rentals and that you list the Lewis County Event Center, LLC d.b.a., Northwest Sports Hub, 701 Pioneer Way, Centralia Washington 98531 as additionally insured.
Service Providers: Only pre-approved service providers may be used for services affecting public safety or standards of service, such as security, or decorator services.
Concessions: Concession services are exclusive to the sub-lease tenant of the NWSH kitchen concessionaire. Absolutely no other food or beverages can be sold or distributed without expressed written approval from NWSH management.
Parking: Parking is available for the NWSH and its renters during non-operating hours of local schools, and park properties during the day and evening. Certain events may require paid parking services, shuttles, parking security, to be determined at approval of event rental.
Liquor License: NWSH is a licensed facility. All alcohol distribution is subject to the rules and regulations mandated by this existing license. Exceptions can be made for Special Event Liquor Licenses secured from the state by an event producer.
Protection for similar events: NWSH reserves the right and discretion to allow a reasonable period of separation between similar events in order to minimize confusion to the public, avoid financial hardship and provide the opportunity for the success of each event.
Application: Before a requested date is confirmed, NWSH must receive a completed and approved application, the required deposit, and a fully executed contract.
Deposit: A non-refundable deposit of 25% is required to officially hold a date for a prospective event. The deposit will be credited towards the overall rental of the event. Remaining payments must be made in full prior to the beginning of the event.
Cleaning / Damage Deposit: A refundable deposit is required in advance of the event for any damage to the premises or extraordinary cleaning necessary as a result of the event.
Service Providers: Only pre-approved service providers may be used for services affecting public safety or standards of service, such as security or decorating services.
Settlement: At the conclusion of the event, the renter will be responsible for settling all outstanding facility expenses. The renter will be presented with all available documentation of expenses to include, but not limited to: rental balance, equipment rental, and labor expenses.